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Do’s & Don’ts for the best results for AI Image Generation

Do’s & Don’ts for the best results for AI Image Generation
Embarking on the journey of AI image generation with Headgen.ai? Ensure you make the most of this cutting-edge technology by adhering to these essential do’s and avoiding common pitfalls.


Choose Optimal Lighting: Ensure well-lit conditions when capturing your selfie. Ample natural light enhances the clarity and quality of the final AI-generated images.

Experiment with Poses: Capture a variety of angles and poses to provide the AI with a comprehensive understanding of your features, resulting in more diverse and appealing outcomes.

Wear Professional Attire: Dress the part to project a polished and professional image. The AI works best when provided with a clear and consistent foundation.

Express Authentic Emotions: Whether you choose to smile or maintain a neutral expression, convey authenticity. Genuine emotions contribute to a more engaging and approachable final image.


Avoid Overediting: While the AI enhances your images, refrain from excessive editing of the original selfie. Maintaining authenticity ensures the final results are professional yet natural.

Steer Clear of Busy Backgrounds: Opt for neutral backgrounds to avoid distractions. A simple backdrop ensures the AI can focus on refining your features without interference.

Don’t Rush the Selfie: Take your time to capture a well-focused and crisp selfie. Rushed photos may compromise the clarity and detail of the final AI-generated images.

Avoid Unclear Instructions: When submitting your selfie to Headgen.ai, provide clear and specific instructions to align the AI with your vision. Unclear guidance may result in undesired outcomes.

By following these do’s and don’ts, you’ll unlock the full potential of AI image generation with Headgen.ai. Elevate your digital presence with 16 high-quality images generated from a single selfie, combining innovation and professionalism seamlessly for a standout online identity.

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