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India's First AI Tool for
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Upload a selfie and get Professional Images for your LinkedIn/Business Profile.

How it works

Upload a selfie

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We do not store your images and your payment details

What we do?

We specialize in rapidly producing high-end, professional images in just 30 seconds. Our service is tailored for corporate professionals, providing them with instantly accessible, top-quality images that can be utilized across various platforms and locations. 

Professional PhotoShoot

upto  Rs.25,000
Full Day

HeadGen AI Generator

20 Minutes
Quick & Easy Process

High Quality Images

We take our Quality very seriously.
Our Engineers ensure that almost all the Images
generated can be used in a Professional Setting

Use Cases for AI Headshots

Linkedin Photo

Get an authentic, professionally generated AI headshot that appears professionally shot.

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Use our AI Generated Headshots in your resume photo to exude proficiency.

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Team Photo
Nonstop Updates

Generate Professional Corporate Team Photos without a physical photoshoot, perfect for remote teams.

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Portfolio Website

Professional AI Generated Image on your portfolio website to impress your clients

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Job Portal

Stand out on Job Portals with our Professional AI Generated Headshots without a costly photoshoot.

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Turn your selfie into Professional Headshots

High Quality AI Image Generator for your Business Profiles

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protect your data

Advance Encryption

Your data deserves the best protection. We encrypt all sensitive user data

Secured Data

HeadGen.ai will never sell your data to any third party.

You're in control

We will never use your photos
to train our AI model .

Live support

E-mail us anytime.
We respond Monday-Saturday.

Image Generator

You will love the results.


Get your Photos via E-mail within just 30 minutes!

Premium Quality

We take our Quality very seriously Our Engineers ensure that almost all the images generated can be used in a profesional setting

Cost Effective

A professional Photoshoot is time consumingand costs anywhere between $250 and $2500 Get Professional Images at a fraction of the cost.

Versatile Applications

Use these Images and boost your Career! LinkedIn Profile, Team Corporate Headshots, Professional Website, Resume & Job Portals


Try Headgen.ai with confidence. Our results are mind blowing.

Frequently Asked Questions

24/7 Customer Support

E-mail is at support@headgen.in
We are available round the clock.

What results can I expect:

Our Engineers have crafted prompts for exceptional results.

Based our testing, 90% of the Images generated are exceptional and will work wonderfully for you. 

 The outcome depends on your input image quality.

That’s why we ask you to carefully follow our instructions and upload just one selfie.

Using generative AI for headshots is still a very new field, and we will continue updating the service to improve results.

What do you do with our data:

Your uploaded photos are exclusively for generating your images and are deleted after 1 week.

We don’t use your data to train AI. For early deletion, contact us at support@headgen.ai.

Can I have a branded or custom style ?

For custom styles and packages starting at €50, email us at support@headgen.in.

Perfect for influencers, bumble profile pictures or anyone needing a headshot to match brand guidelines.

Who are we?

Who are we?
We are Ruark & Krasia

Can I get Free Headshots?

Share your photos on LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, or TikTok and tag/mention us! We will generate extra Images for you for free!

Write to us with screenshots of uploaded content tagging us at support@headgen.in.

Do you store our payment details?

Payment handled by Stripe.
We do not store your payment details

HeadGen AI Blog


Rapid trunaround

Time Efficiency for Professionals

Cost Effective Solutions

Versatile Image Application

Our Customers


Beyond the Frame: Unveiling Your Professional Personal

Investing in professional headshots is an investment in your personal and professional image. In the digital age, your online presence is essential. A professional headshot conveys a sense of trustworthiness and reliability. For companies and organizations, professional headshots of team members contribute to a cohesive corporate image. 

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Payment handled by

We do not store your payment details

How does our AI headshot generator work?

How to get the best AI headshots?

Read the blog

1. Make the payment

2. Upload and crop your photos

3. Receive an email with a link to your professional AI headshots

Use cases for AI headshots

Elevate your resume with an AI-generated headshot that maintains authenticity and appears professionally photographed.
Enhance your LinkedIn profile photo to exude expertise without a costly photoshoot.
Boost your portfolio website with an AI generated professional photo that aligns with your corporate persona.
Generate professional corporate photos for your team members gallery without requiring physical presence for a photoshoot – an ideal solution for remote teams.

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What our customers have said about us

Eleni Jacobs

“Tried out the AI generated business headshots by multiverse.ai ♥️ Must try!”

Christoph de Boer

“Blown away by the results of Playcloud Technologies Private Limited

Carla O'Connor

“As a dance and fitness professional, I have spent anywhere between $300-$2000 on photoshoots to produce content of this quality. The time, finances and effort that goes into sourcing the space, hair and makeup artist, appropriate outfits, and photographer are difficult to take on as a single person managing their personal brand. The Multiverse AI takes all of this and reduces it to next-to-nothing. I can’t recommend this service enough!”

Micol Puzio

“I’ve never been good at taking pictures for professional purposes. Your platform is the best solution to my problem. Amazing idea!

What do we offer?

Highest accuracy on the market

Our team has spent countless hours optimizing our AI algorithms to get you professional images, that look like you, not your cousin.

100 photos in different styles

To make sure you get the headshot you need, we generate a high number of outcomes in different styles of professional clothing and background.

Satisfaction guaranteed

If you’re not satisfied with your results, we give you your money back.

On-platform cropping tool

We added editing tools and a walkthrough to help you submit the best images.

Excellent customer service

We make it a priority to respond to all emails promptly, often within a matter of hours.

High-resolution images

In addition to the default package of sharp images, we offer a high resolution upscale.

Trusted by professionals from


Need headshots for your team?

Perfect your team’s image with expertly-crafted professional headshots. Great for remote teams or organisations with external facing teams. Custom backgrounds and styles available.


Want to express your creative side?

Creative professional? Future-minded? Looking for a fun new profile photo? We have just the thing for you.

Give the gift of great headshots

Perfect for a graduation, saying thanks to a teammate or showing how great of a friend you are.

Frequently asked questions

Can I get free AI headshots?

We’ll generate 40 more photos for you if you share your photos on LinkedInTwitterInstagram, or TikTok and tag/mention us!

Can I have a custom or branded style that isn't mentioned here?

Absolutely. Whether you are a fitness influencer who needs photos for social media, or need a headshot according to specific brand guidelines – we offer custom styles and packages starting at €50. Email us at info@themultiverse.ai for more information.

What results can I expect?

We meticulously engineered our prompts to optimize results. Based on our testing, 10-70% of images are a success. That number depends on the quality of your input images. We call this variance the magic ten, the rule that at least 10% of generated images will work wonderfully for you. That’s why we generate 100 photos to guarantee you the optimal outcome. Using generative AI for headshots is still a very new field, and we will continue updating the service to improve results.

What do you do with my data?

Your uploaded photos are only used for your generated photos. Your pictures are deleted after 2 weeks. Your data is not used for training any AI. If you’d like us to delete your images sooner, just let us know at info@themultiverse.ai.

I've got an issue, suggestions, or compliments. Where do I go?

All are welcome! Please email us at info@themultiverse.ai and we’ll get back to you asap.

Who are you guys?

We’re Anika, Tanya, and Zeeshaan! Read more about us here.

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