HeadGen AI India

How it works

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  • Please upload your selfie.
  • Please ensure your selfie is reasonably well it.
  • Please ensure your hair is not covering your face.
  • Please make sure your head is not cropped.
  • Please make sure your face is straight, eyes are open and head is not titled.
  • Please  ensure that your face is clearly visible and nothing is obstructing your face.
  • Please make sure only 1 person is in the image.
  • Accepted format .jpeg, .jpg.
  • Try to avoid wearing glasses, if you want glasses in your image please email us at support headgen.ai with your screenshot we will send your images via email.
  •  While smiling, try not showing your teeth as it might effect the overall results of the output, you can smile with your mouth closed.
  • Please ensure that your image is less than 20mb.

Please ensure all your information is correct as you will not able to change this later.

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